How to use ENVY ME

Ready to start your journey into Tokyo’s night club VIP scene? Let ENVY ME be your guide to affordable and simple VIP plans.

Step 1. Sign Up
The first step is to sign up with ENVY ME. Start by clicking and entering your details including your email address, password, and birth date.

After submitting your details, ENVY ME will send a notification email with an account activation link. After clicking this link and activating your account, you can begin booking VIP plans!

Step 2. Choose a Plan
Navigate to either ENVY ME’s Homepage, Top VIP Venues or Advanced Search to begin your search for ENVY ME plans.

On the advanced search page, ENVY ME Users can filter VIP plans based on price, date, or even bottle types.

Step 3. Check the Details
After selecting a plan, be sure to check the details. Important details like, RSVP time, how many guests can join, what bottles are included, as well the night clubs door policy.

Also be sure to check what forms of payment are accepted with the plan. Typically Japanese Yen or Credit Cards are accepted.

After checking the details, click the Reserve button to begin the reservation process.

Step 4. Reserve
Fill in your First name, last name, and phone number, and click the “Book this Plan.”

Make sure to enter your Full Name as it is displayed on your ID as night clubs will check to ensure these are the same.

Step 5. Wait for Confirmation
After submitting your reservation request, the club will review your details. Once the club approves your request, you will receive a notification email informing your confirmed reservation.

Step 6. On the Night
We will email you a notification reminder with your ENVY ME plan details. Review your ENVY ME details and prepare to arrive at the venue 10 minutes early.

If, for any reason, you need to cancel your plan. Simply go to “My Reservations” page and cancel your upcoming plan.

Step 7. Enjoy your ENVY ME plan!
Let’s party! Consult with your table server if you would like to purchase additional bottles or extend your time at your table, 

Step 8. Review your Experience
After you complete your plan, head over to your “My Reservations” page and review your experience.